Our Office

    We believe that a positive dental experience during childhood will result in an adult who not only maintains their own dental health but also will eagerly seek the same for their children. By treating all family members with kindness and respect, we hope to develop a positive relationship of trust and confidence that will last a lifetime.

    Our goals are the same as yours. We want to develop a rapport with your children that will provide optimum oral health and a trusting relationship for a lifetime. We want to accomplish these goals in a healthy, safe, fun and exciting environment.

    Although we schedule appointment times for the treatment of your child, our office operates on “CHILDREN’S TIME.” This means that occasionally some of our patients who are not particularly interested in getting their dental treatment done may take extra time. This will invariably play havoc with our schedule and cause unavoidable delays. Additionally, each child is scheduled in a specific chair and will not be brought into the clinic area until that particular chair is available.

    To maintain a calm and quiet working environment, we ask that only children with an appointment enter the clinical area. If needed, one parent may attend the child. Children without appointments must remain in the reception area and cannot be left unattended.

    Children are frequently subject to accidents. In order to accommodate an injured child, our schedule may be delayed. Please accept our apologies ahead of time should such a delay occur during your child’s appointment. Understand we will do exactly the same if your child is ever in need of emergency care.


We look forward to meeting you!

If your child is apprehensive about the first visit, we allow a complimentary walk-through first visit where the child can come to the office and observe what goes on. Subsequent visits can then be scheduled so that the child is gradually introduced to necessary treatments.




If you’ve been to see us, you’ve seen some AMAZING original artwork from Tanzania, Africa. The original Tinga-Tinga paintings were created by local artists in Tanzania, and are found throughout the office. The office decor was inspired by the artwork that Dr. Ward’s parents brought back from their trip to Africa to visit his brother, who at the time was a missionary in Tanzania. You can view a few of the paintings below: